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Making It Easier To Support Small & Local Businesses!

Why Cyntergi’s Small Business Directory?
Small Business

Cyntergi is a small business directory & marketplace dedicated to just small businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a carpenter, a new place to eat, or some new dog toys – you can find a small business with exactly what you need!

Linked with Google Maps, broken down into categories with a powerful search, making it easier than ever to shop small!


Our website is built on the WordPress platform, hosted through Kinsta, and kept secure through the #1 WordPress security plugin Wordfence.
This guarantees 100% uptime and absolute security!

CC processing is handled through Stripe, so your personal data is secured.

We only keep data necessary for order completion, and you can request to have your information wiped at any time.


Our platform is incredibly affordable for small businesses, and 100% free for shoppers!

Starting at just $5 per month, no other platform comes even close!

For small businesses who need a platform to sell their products – The Cyntergi Multivendor Marketplace offers just a 2% commission with no fees for listing products, making it more affordable than ever!

Support Small Businesses

Our Real Business Stories Blog interviews small businesses and shares their stories with the world.
Small businesses have so many incredible stories that we can all learn from and find inspiration in.
If you’re interested in telling your story feel free to reach out on our contact us page anytime! We do them totally free.

The Small Business Directory
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