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A Walk in the Woods Holistic

I teach you how to heal yourself + support you along the way.

Do you have mysterious health issues, chronic health issues, and or symptoms that you’ve been living with?

At a walk in the woods holistic, Practitioner Jessica Woods Hawkins believes in treating the whole person, and using non-invasive, alternative medicine modalities and functional lab testing to get down to the root cause instead of covering up symptoms with labels, and pharmaceuticals.

At a walk in the woods holistic we provide clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to be their own best Doctors, supporting, teaching, and guiding the client along the way.

Specializing in Gut health, and chronic illnesses that are more prevalent in today's society.

I DO NOT cure any diseases, I simply SUPPORT the body and individual organ systems so it can thrive and heal itself.

Schedule a free complimentary consult call to go over any questions you may have by going to Contact info.

I can help with:

• Restoring health + lifestyle management.

• Gut issues —-> Constipation, diarrhea, etc.

• Chronic illnesses’

• Thyroid issues

• Anxiety/irritability

• Immune system support

• Skin issues & rashes

• Diabetes

• Allergies

• Nutritional deficiencies

• Cholesterol

• Weight resistance issues

• Post vaccine support for Side effects

**** Personalized holistic health plan tailored to you, to help reach your personal goals.

Book consultation above, or send me a message regarding any questions you may have.

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