Do you Need A Custom Email For Your Business?

Do you need a custom e-mail for your business?


If you have your own domain, you can have your own unique email address for your business without spending any more.

Getting an e-mail address for your domain

If you have your own website, you definitely should get set up with an email that is unique to your domain name. For example, our e-mail is
Depending on where your website is built/hosted – they might offer e-mails as part of a package deal. Most builders such as WIX or Shopify will have these options that you can use, which makes it incredibly easy.

If your website is independently hosted like ours is, you can get set up with your e-mail for as little as $12 annually (per user)
We use Zoho Mail (No Affiliation) and their Mail Lite setup.
There is a desktop and mobile app for both Windows and macOS/IOS which work great with both.

How to setup unique e-mail addresses

Typically when you create an email that is unique to your domain, you’ll have to verify that you do own your domain and link your e-mail to your domain in the DNS section. It’s super easy!

You’ll go into your DNS records wherever your website is hosted. We love Kinsta, but SiteGround is the best budget friendly choice around! Again, no Affiliate for either of these companies. Just who we like based on our own research and experience (We have used both of them).

Once your in the DNS section, you simply add a DNS record, and make a separate DNS record for the 10, 20, and 50 records. Once you’re done it will let you click a button to verify (sometimes it takes a few minutes), and then you’re good to go!

SPF and DKIM Configuration

The SPF and DKIM Configuration are option, but we highly recommend them. They are just an additional security step which helps improve delivery of your e-mails, and lets receiving emails know you are legit and not just spam… No one likes spam! (The e-mails…)

Pros to a custom e-mail

* It looks clean and professional, and gives the appearance that you’re an established business. Especially if you’re a start up or somewhat small businesses, having a professional appearance can be the difference maker.
* It is a simply setup, so anyone can do it even without prior experience.
* You don’t have to share your personal e-mail, which allows you to be more open with sharing your contact information with people you don’t know and potential clients. Exposure is everything in the business world, so you don’t want to be bashful.
* You won’t have to compete for e-mail names because it’s using your domain name, so you can go with or info, or admin, or Especially if you have more than one employee, you can have individual emails all managed in the same place with the same uniform domain name.

Cons to a custom e-mail

It costs you $12 per year, or $1 per month, or an average of $.03 per day.
So as long as you cut out on coffee per year, you have paid for your professional custom email address for your business 🙂

We are also happy to help, so feel free to reach out or comment below with questions! As a small business who’s been through the struggle, we like to help others when we can.

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