Guest Posts with Do-Follow Backlinks!

Guest Posts with Do-Follow backlinks!

What are Do-Follow Backlinks?

Do-Follow backlinks are links that point to your website. Such as a blog post that has a link to your website. These are incredibly important for SEO (search engine optimization) and ranking higher on google searches.
Most blogging or media content platforms use no-follow backlinks because if you have too many do-follow links it can hurt your SEO. With millions of posts, they cannot afford to have any do-follow links otherwise it would have an overwhelmingly negative effect on their SEO.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a ranking score that is used for SEO purposes. It is an overall score of your website. Each page has its own domain authority, as well as your primary domain or main homepage.
The more do-follow backlinks you have (legit sources and not spam websites), the higher your score will be. There are also other factors, such as how long the website has been active and various other things. Places like give you a breakdown of your score with some more information.

If you spam backlinks, especially from websites that have been flagged as spam, it will have a negative effect on your SEO. So you want to get real links from real websites, which simply takes time.

Why Post on Guest Blogs?

If you have information that you can share that helps point customers back to your businesses, guest blogs are an excellent way to gain some extra exposure. If they are like ours and include Do-Follow links that is an added bonus! However, it’s still benifitial to blog on places like Medium, or Quora, or even posting on Reddit.
While it’s always good to have your own blog, sharing those posts to other platforms gives you an increase in exposure. While you don’t see the SEO benefits from external blogs, if you’re a growing blogger/business – that extra exposure is far more valuable because it will start to generate more traffic.

More traffic will start to generate more organic backlinks to your website, which is going to be very important to your long-term growth.

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