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Tell us about your small business!

Hello! My name is Dee DiMaggio, I am one of the Co-founders of Ascension Intention. My best friend Kit Slocum and I started Ascension in February 2020. Over the years we’ve played around with a few different business plans, but timing always felt like a hurdle for us. At the time Kit was in her studies at the University of Washington and I worked as a lead surgical technician in Veterinary medicine. 

The Small Business Directory
The Small Business Directory

Tell us more about yourself, and your team if you have one.

The connection Kit and I share runs very deep. We have been in each other’s lives for 10 years now and our friendship has developed into more of a partnership. The greatest allies. We have helped each other navigate our healing and growth, knowing that it is our life’s biggest goal. Continual growth for ourselves and everyone around us.

During the beginning of 2020 we both dove into our personal healing journey in ways not yet accessed with dedication to being the best version of ourselves.

We showed up in our lives and the lives of the people we encountered in a way of deep connection and authenticity.
We continued to gain tools and experiences that helped aid the Ascension process. Ascension means – the act of rising to a higher level.
We felt the call to take the things we’ve learned and see if we could create experience-based products to help others in their own journey.

The Small Business Directory
The Small Business Directory

What made you want to start Ascension Intention Crafting?

One of the first products we wanted to share was an elemental crafted bath soak. Which was paired with a bath meditation, Ceremony, and reflection questions.

We started pouring beautiful soy candles based on the elements. Air, water, fire, earth, and Aether the spirit. Working with the elements and bringing attention to them is a beautiful thing to do. Something we feel very passionate about is our body candle line. We really wanted to shine a light on the divine feminine and the divine masculine, the balance of the yin and yang. These two energies that we all have, regardless of gender.

We have about 15 different shapes and sizes of body candles. Full body diversity has always been the goal. 
Each product we make has a lot of depth and represents something larger than the product itself. It is a tool to help create deeper connections with yourself and the universe around you. 

The Small Business Directory
Ascension Intention Crafting

At this time we have been keeping the Ascension Intention Crafting business at a manageable place. Knowing that we are hand-making everything. We frequent local Seattle markets throughout the year with the Fremont market being our regular location. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business?

My advice for someone wanting to start a business. First of all, you can do it! It will put you in positions of growth which sometimes feels really uncomfortable. But you know what? That means it’s working.
It’s working when you come up with a hurtle and you have no idea how to figure it out. But you do it anyway.
Owning your own business is something I’d wish on you. It will teach you how to become accountable to yourself which is an extremely important thing. It won’t be easy, which makes it that much more exciting. Knowing that the good things in life come through the not-so-easy things.

Through putting yourself out there and challenging the things you think you know. 

The Small Business Directory
The Small Business Directory

If you have an idea, something you feel passionate about. It is definitely worth investing in.

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