An Entrepreneur’s Adventure

Cyntergi is a web directory and marketplace solely for small businesses. Created to be a singular place to find and shop with small and local businesses.
Let me tell you a little about me, and how Cyntergi came to be!

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A little about me!

I was born and raised in a small town in the middle of Washington State, and have always lived here in the Pacific Northwest.
Growing up I lived on a few acres out in the country and spent most of my time bouncing between riding dirt bikes, riding horses, and going racing with my dad.
My old man was a car enthusiast, and outside of our race cars he would build engines for drag and circle track cars – so we spent a lot of time around the track!

When I was a kid we started slowly working on my 1968 Dodge Dart that we got from grandma (Thanks Grandma!)
My dad helped me port the heads, throw on headers, and run a radical camshaft and a 780 Holly – and it would run 100 MPH in the 1/4 through the mufflers 🙂
We also spent many years racing the Bonneville Salt Flats, which was a blast.

When my first daughter was born, my 68 Dart was my daily driver during the summer – and every night when I would get home she would giggle like crazy when she heard my car pull up.

The Small Business Directory

My dad started a family business doing diesel performance when I was a kid. I would spend my summers helping around the shop and eventually started working full-time there. After a number of years, I managed the company as we moved to a more e-commerce-style business with customers worldwide!
When my dad decided to retire and sell the businesses, I decided to go my own way and use everything that I had learned to start my own business.

As someone who has struggled with ADHD and Depression throughout my entire life, being an entrepreneur is definitely a struggle. I drew up a number of different business plans that all looked great, but without the passion, I never made it all the way through.

One day I was on Facebook and saw a post in our local community group regarding local businesses. A few people would comment on friends and family that had a business, but that was it. It made me realize that we don’t have a convenient way to shop with small and local businesses – which is where Cyntergi was born.

Now as I am working on building my own small business I enjoy spending time with my 3 daughters. We like to collect pretty rocks when we go to the beach (I of course tell my wife that the rocks I collected were from the kids…)
When things get tough, these fantastic kids always remind me that they think I am rather cool – and that is all a father really needs 🙂

What Cyntergi is all about!

Cyntergi was created to make shopping with local and small businesses easier and faster. Big companies like Amazon are so popular because they are incredibly convenient. With something similar, but filled with just small companies, we can have the convenience of finding everything we need in one easy-to-navigate but know we are supporting small businesses.

Being linked to google maps allows shoppers to shop by location, and find incredible small businesses near them. There are so many small businesses without a storefront that you simply cannot find on the internet – and Cyntergi is the place you’ll find them! Whether you’re looking for small batch dog treats, or maybe some custom hand-made jewelry – you will be surprised at the small businesses that are right down the road from you!

Our marketplace runs at just a 2% commission (above CC processing fees) – and has no listing fees per item – which makes it the most affordable marketplace there is.
With our directory starting at just $5 a month – it’s more affordable than any of our competitors as well.
We also have great features like the ability to book appointments right through Cyntergi – and instant chat!

We believe it’s time to put small businesses back in the spotlight and that is exactly what we are doing with Cyntergi.

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