Selling On The Cyntergi Marketplace

Selling on the Cyntergi Marketplace!

Cyntergi is a web directory & marketplace solely for small businesses around the world.
Connecting shoppers with amazing small businesses everywhere!

Let’s put small businesses in the spotlight!


Selling on Cyntergi Marketplace

Cyntergi is a web directory and marketplace solely for small businesses around the world. As a dedicated small business platform, you can sell your products without battling with large corporations for exposure.

Giant corporations have smothered Google, Etsy, Amazon, and even eBay, making it difficult for our smaller businesses to get exposure without spending money on advertising. Then it becomes a battle of who wants to spend more – and a larger business always has deeper pockets.

Cyntergi is dedicated to just small businesses!

Real Biz

Great Prices!

The Cyntergi Marketplace runs at just a 2% commission with no listing fees per product. This is more affordable than any other marketplace.

We also offer a more affordable featured product rate, allowing you to promote your products for a better rate.

With no monthly fees to list products and no listing fees per product (such as Etsy’s quarterly fee per product), you can list as many products as you’d like without worrying about losing money if it does not sell right away.

Raising Money

Making Change

Cyntergi always donates 10% of our profits to various charities and non-profits so we can make a change.
We’re always transparent so you can see where the money goes and what we are accomplishing!

Shop Small Business and Cyntergi Marketplace

Small Business Supporting Small Business

As a small business ourselves, and growing up in a family small business – we shop small and local every chance we get!
Small businesses employ nearly 50% of the USA workforce while Amazon takes up almost 50% of e-commerce sales.

It’s time to put small businesses back in the spotlight!

Making an affordable marketplace & directory for small businesses while having a pleasant and easy shopping experience for shoppers – we believe we can help connect customers and small businesses all around the world!

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